The Proverbial “Taking Time Off”

It’s been awhile updating this site and we apologize. We’ve experienced some life moments over the last two years that scheduling shows has taken a back burner:

job changes, selling of homes, children… you know, L I F E.

So, while we’ve essentially been “gone” for awhile, we certainly hope we have not been forgotten. We sure love playing music and suspect music will make it’s way back around when the time comes around. Occasionally a gig drops in our lap so we will continue to update this website, social media and our mailing list.

Until then, please continue to support local music. There are tons of talented folks in this world that are out there doing their thing for peanuts.

Most of these folks book their own shows, manage and promote the band, manage websites and social media, and lug a bunch of heavy crap around – all because they want to continue performing for you. Playing music takes a LOT of work.

Walk up to them. Tell them thanks. Tell them you enjoy what you hear. Buy a CD and a T-shirt – they will appreciate it!

There are certainly more than the immediate list below, but here are a few hard working folks in our particular area – check em out!















2012 Celebration

Had a GREAT time at the Celebration this Year! Great turn-out and fantastic weather. Here are a few shots from one of our good friends Joe Beckwith (Thanks Joe!!)


CD Release Photo Set

a quick public word of thanks to everyone that made it out and showed their fantastic support for our new independent release – Monticello Grain. the night was fantastic – so Thank You!  here’s a few fantastic shots of the show taken by the crew:

Courage – the video

thanks to our good friends at, we have our first “official” music video!

Believers and Long Road Home


This one is about believing in change. Believing you can change. Believing you change someone else. The fact of the matter is this: believing is one thing, actions are another.

Long Road Home

The chorus to this tune has been floating in the air since about 1996.

Whether you are logging miles in a Peterbilt, working on the rail, or on the telephone line, being out on the road can take it’s toll. At the same time, it can make you appreciate things that you might take for granted – like being Home.  For some, Home could be defined as the place where you feel safe and comfortable. For others, Home could mean being content and having peace of mind. Maybe Home is simply the place you want to be…

If you have ever found yourself away from Home for a considerable length of time, the road back can sure seem like a long one.

Crawl Under Covers and Black Leather & Chrome


Crawl Under Covers

There’s this cat and mouse game that ensues after a few libations at the local watering hole. The guy is out to pick up the hot girl. The hot girl knows it, plays it, and enjoys the attention. Regardless of how smooth and refined the dude thinks his moves are, he’s inevitably going to crash and burn.      

Black Leather & Chrome

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there’s just something about chrome on a Harley that stirs one’s soul. But whether the polished steel is reflecting the bright sunlight of a perfect strip of asphalt, or it sparkles with the late-night neon from the local watering hole, chrome never looks better than when contrasted against fine fitting black leather. There are many ways to interpret this song, but one fact remains: Two of the best things in this whole wide world are black leather and chrome

Monticello Grain and Lay My Burden Down


Monticello Grain

This is a tune about growing up in a small town, a song about growing up having dreams of playing big league baseball, a song about being drafted to serve your country at age 18 and by the grace of God, sheer luck, and unbelievable circumstances making it home.  This could be a story about your son or your father.



Lay My Burden Down

Take control of your life. Quit stumbling through life. Work on yourself. Lay your burden down.

Courage and What’s Goin’ On Around Here


This song is about taking the bull by the horns, talking turkey, getting down to brass tacks. Sometimes you gotta get to the root of the problem. As the last line of the chorus says, “It’s Down to Me and You” – can’t break it down much more than that.

What’s Goin On Around Here

We grew up in a small town in The Heartland – smack dab in the epicenter of corn and soybeans. Not much happens in a small town other than the usual. Small towns are “sleepy” some folks say. But every once in awhile, small towns get thrown an “Uncle Charlie” and they gotta step out of the batter’s box, and wake up a bit. This one takes a look at the random happenings that shook our little town for about 1 year.

hit the I button on the player for lyrics.  

CD Release Party – December 10th

CD Release Party for Monticello Grain – December 10th  – The Highdive, Champaign, IL

the first 100 people in the door will receive a free wristband



Show starts at 7pm with local alt-country-americana favorites  Neoga Blacksmith






over the next 5 weeks, we will be posting 2 new songs per week for you to preview.  this will get you a good opportunity to listen to our tunes off of Monticello Grain prior to the CD Release Event.  View the music player in the right sidebar.



If you would like to help us promote the CD Release Event, please tell a couple of friends.

Also, if you do the Facebook thing you can share this event:

or if you do the Twitter thing, use hashtag #monticellograin

we are excited to play our new music for you!  see you at the show!!



Rockit Science & Just Don’t Pay

Rockit Science

Logging untold hours at local watering holes over the course of 20+ years provides lasting impressions of the “pick up game”. You know the scenario: boy meets girl, and asks her to dance. These memories, at times comical, inspire the lyrics of Rockit Science.

Just Don’t Pay

The evening started at 5pm loading equipment into the band trailer. Once the show was over and gear was unloaded, we each made it home at 4am with $30 in each of our pockets. True story, and the reality of playing music is it Just Don’t Pay.

Hit the “I” button on the music player to access the lyrics.