Courage and What’s Goin’ On Around Here


This song is about taking the bull by the horns, talking turkey, getting down to brass tacks. Sometimes you gotta get to the root of the problem. As the last line of the chorus says, “It’s Down to Me and You” – can’t break it down much more than that.

What’s Goin On Around Here

We grew up in a small town in The Heartland – smack dab in the epicenter of corn and soybeans. Not much happens in a small town other than the usual. Small towns are “sleepy” some folks say. But every once in awhile, small towns get thrown an “Uncle Charlie” and they gotta step out of the batter’s box, and wake up a bit. This one takes a look at the random happenings that shook our little town for about 1 year.

hit the I button on the player for lyrics.  

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