Crawl Under Covers and Black Leather & Chrome


Crawl Under Covers

There’s this cat and mouse game that ensues after a few libations at the local watering hole. The guy is out to pick up the hot girl. The hot girl knows it, plays it, and enjoys the attention. Regardless of how smooth and refined the dude thinks his moves are, he’s inevitably going to crash and burn.      

Black Leather & Chrome

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there’s just something about chrome on a Harley that stirs one’s soul. But whether the polished steel is reflecting the bright sunlight of a perfect strip of asphalt, or it sparkles with the late-night neon from the local watering hole, chrome never looks better than when contrasted against fine fitting black leather. There are many ways to interpret this song, but one fact remains: Two of the best things in this whole wide world are black leather and chrome

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